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The Stand Alone Story

In 2001, Zac Peterson and Meyers Fryback were asked to begin recording with Durango local DJ Claytanik, aka Clayton Rundquist, in what was dubbed the Noncents Crew. Comprised of Big Zac, aka Zac Weiss, and Dj Claytanik with Zac and Meyers, the Crew began playing all venues in southwest Colorado for HipHop fans and music lovers. Appearing with national acts such as Blackalicious, Mac Lethal and others, the group performed their own brand of live hiphop and gained a local following.

After creating their own group 'Artikle' in 2004, (with DJ Simsational and a host Colorado hip hop producers including Skizzaz Skullface and Beatlust) ,Zac and Meyers continued to open for prominent hip hop groups such as Nappy Roots, Eyedea and Abilities, Liquor Cats, R.A. the Rugged Man, Hieroglyphics, Louis Logic, and Living Legends. When releasing their first EP 'Neighborhod Music' for online and personal distribution, they created Stand Alone Records in 2007.

With influence from DJ Claytanik and a strong desire to perform live, Meyers dubbed himself DJ Mowgli and began DJing for crowds in 2004, eventually gaining residency at The Lost Dog Bar and Lounge in Durango in the spring of 2005. Before long, DJ Mowgli was playing close to 100 events a year at the Lost Dog, for crowds that consistently topped 300 people a night. Learning to play to his crowd among a diverse list of musical genres, DJ Mowgli quickly became the prominent dance floor DJ in the Four Corners region. Meyers also drew on his experience as a college radio DJ at KDUR- Durango in various stints from 1998 to 2004. He was also President of the KDUR board in 2004. In his career, DJ Mowgli has performed live for nearly 100,000 lively dancers, bar-goers, and fans!!

In 2008, DJ Mowgli moved on from The Lost Dog to help create and co-produce 'First Friday' at The Summit in Durango. The first event of it's kind in the Durango area, Meyers worked hand in hand with promoter Travis Pollock to bring in regional and local music acts and 'live visual artists' to create a popular monthly event. 'First Friday' is a national phenomenon that was well accepted in the Durango night scene for over two years.

DJ Mowgli continued to seek crowds to play for, landing him at a handful of weddings between 2007 and 2009. In 2010, with the encouragement and support of Zac Peterson, Stand Alone Entertainment was formed to create a professional company aimed at DJing weddings and private parties.

Since it's inception, Stand Alone Entertainment has played nearly 80 weddings and dozens of private sound events to local crowds. With a solid reputation as capable professionals and exciting entertainers, Zac and Meyers have garnered the respect of many of the local wedding planners, venue managers, and merchants. They continue to improve and refine their expertise in DJing and MCing private sound events and will continue to do so for years to come.